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Ports are today actors at the heart of world trade in which millions of goods, boats or passengers circulate daily.

Ensuring the proper functioning and continuity of maritime trade is a crucial aspect for which security plays a major role today.

Ports are regulated by International Standards called ISPS Code: International Ship & Port Facility Code.

Security in a port breaks down into two main parts: the internal security of the ports as well as its accesses; maritime safety on another.

Each port has its constraints and must be studied by a RSO (Recognized Security Organization) to determine port security implementation.

The important point is, at the level of the PFSOs (Port Facility Security Officer) and port security operators, to be able to provide a globalized management for all the subsystems:

  • - Port Access Management (LPR, Container Reading, Access Control)
  • - Sensitive Perimetry (Cameras, Thermal, Microphonic Cable, Image Analysis)
  • - Maritime management (VTS, AIS, VHF, very long-range camera etc ...)
  • - The treatment of risks and alarm scenarios.

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